Why Backlinks are Essential for Boosting Your Website’s Ranking and Visibility

  • September 21, 2022
  • SEO
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It’s ridiculous to host a party at home without inviting anyone. Similarly, creating your website without any backlinks is like running your own club with you as both the host and the patron. By now, you should have understood that backlinks are incoming links to a particular webpage, and not only are they crucial in increasing your organic ranking on SERPs, but they can also boost your overall traffic altogether. We can consider these to be just the basic importance of having backlinks on your website or blog, however, backlinks do have other interesting benefits, which explains why you must include them in your website. I will explain some of them below.

Top 5 Benefits of Backlinks

  1. Business Promotion

Aside from ranking high on Google, your business will benefit from backlinks when you include them on your website. For instance, if you deal in gadgets, you can link your webpage to a blog post that discusses how users can take better care of their gadgets. The blog post might be yours as well. What this does is it creates a sense of empathy in the mind of the customer and makes them feel they can trust your products since you care enough to inform them on how best to handle the devices. Such customers will do well to inform others (who might need similar products) to patronize you.

  1. Tapping into Authority

Think of it like having a friend who’s a well-known celebrity. You get to “claim familiarity” by bragging to your friends about this popular personality who’s a friend to you. A lot more people will be interested in you because of it. The same thing goes when you get links from popular top-ranked websites. Aside from your visitors instantly getting comfortable seeing those backlinks on your site, your website or blog can also become a friend to search engines who rate those external websites high. If you create your own products or if your marketing is on point, other webmasters might even link your brand to their site which simply means your popularity will shoot up and your site would very well be on its way to being an authority itself.

  1. Traffic from Referrals

Traffic comes from different sources, including social media and search engines. Traffic from referrals can come in the form of people clicking backlinks that takes them directly to your website from another webpage. You can achieve this when you post relevant content containing links to your website on certain sites with high traffic like Quora, Reddit, Nairaland, Facebook & LinkedIn groups, etc. When this is done well, your website can benefit massively from the jaw-dropping traffic generated, much like sleeping in your bed at night and waking up on the stage of a Stand Up Naija comedy show with a live audience hungry to snap up more of what you have to offer. Be careful not to create content that looks spammy though. Even if the websites you’re posting on don’t penalize you for the offense, Google might downrank you.

  1. Rapid Indexing

Another crucial benefit of backlinks is the fact that they can make your website get indexed faster. This is especially important if you just opened your website newly and seek to swim with the big fishes in the huge ocean of the internet. The first thing you’d want to do is to quickly get crawled by search engine bots. Now, those bots can only crawl your site effectively when they follow backlinks gotten from already existing webpages. So, if you want to get your website discovered faster, get those backlinks up and running first.

  1. Gain New Subscribers/Followers

Now, this is one of the most important benefits of backlinks. When traffic is driven to your website from referrals, it means those visitors have seen your content from elsewhere and have developed an interest in it. It is very easy for them to follow your blog or website from there. For instance, if you write short but captivating episodic stories and share them on high-traffic websites, chances are huge that people will want to read the entire story and, with your backlink, they’ll visit your website and likely hit the subscribe button or follow your social media handles; some might go as far as turning on their notifications so as to get notified when next you post another juicy content! This way, you get to build a very large community of followers, all thanks to the power of the backlink.

After reading this article, I’m certain you’d be thinking of how to utilize backlinks to make your website generate more traffic and conversions. You can check out this post to gain knowledge on how you can get backlinks. See you at the top!

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